We Must Protect Our Sons - and Daughters
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In the wake of the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO – as well as John Crawford, III in Ohio, Eric Garner in New York, Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis in Florida, and so many more more

The Children Are Our Future
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Almost 30 years ago, Whitney Houston belted out these lyrics for the first time in her chart-topping hit, “The Greatest Love of All”: I believe the children are our future / Teach more

A Week Commemorating Triumph through Challenge
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With several notable events observed this week, we are reminded that while progress is indeed a journey, with collective commitment we can triumph even in the face of challenge and tragedy. more

Justice for Michael Brown
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The events that have unfolded and continue to unfold in Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of the killing of Michael Brown are nothing short of tragic. Yet, even in the midst of what I have called more

Unified Statement of Action to Promote Reform & Stop Police Abuse
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I pledge to responsibly commit my time and talent to ensure that the nation is empowered to achieve the following goals by 2025: