"Every American has access to jobs with a living wage and good benefits."

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DIGITAL TACTICS FOR CAREER SUCCESS Our Summer Series begins June 10...
"Countless women and minority entrepreneurs throughout the...
Lawrence discusses what the communities of Baltimore really need...
Despite gains in many areas, African Americans still fare worse...
For seven months, the closed Quik-Trip on West Florissant Avenue...

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National Urban League's Job Strategies

Changing America's Job Landscape
by Creating New Opportunities

8 Point Plan: Educate, Employ & Empower

In 2011, the National Urban League launched the 12-Point Jobs Plan to Put America Back to Work. In 2012, we are issuing a public call for immediate national action around the education and job-training steps necessary to achieve these goals. 

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"Countless women and minority entrepreneurs throughout the Greater New Orleans area can point to a single source for the support and assistance they needed to successfully start and make it in...