Urban Technology Jobs Program of Broward County

Story: Reza M.

Case Manager: Dahlia Goldsmith

Urban League of Broward County 5th Anniversary Celebration June 28th 2017
Reza M. and Dr. Germaine Baugh (CEO) after giving his testimonial on  the impact of the Urban Technology Jobs Program

Reza M. is a married 42 year old male with an Associate degree in Computer Network Engineering. Having a background and an interest in developing a career in IT Management, Reza attended an orientation and learned about the Urban Tech Jobs Program.  When Reza entered the Urban Tech Jobs program, he was long-term unemployed. Through the program, Reza was committed to earning a credential in the field and gain an opportunity to participate in a paid on the job training. He successfully completed his training program with internship and is now gainfully employed.

After orientation Reza came in on September 9th 2017 to take the TABE test. His short term goal was to start and complete the CompTIA course offered by PC Professor and then take the certification exam, and committed to attending classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 5pm for a period of four months.

On Friday, May 12th 2017, Reza interviewed for a subsidized work experience position with Zen Tek Data System. The employer selected him for his work experience from among other talented candidates because of how the participant conducted himself confidently and professionally throughout the interview; his level of experience from his freelance Tech support and his heighted knowledge gained from his formal COMPTIA training was all an asset. At the end of the interview process, Reza he was selected to participate in an eight week work experience with Zen Tek Data System. On May 23rd 2017, Reza satisfied the 160 hour requirements for the CompTIA course. On June 19th 2017, Reza sat and passed the CompTIA 901 certification exam.  

Reza completed his work experience on July 24th 2017, and on September 21st he was hired as a Technician at the rate of $15/hour in the field of his career interest.  Reza is not only excited to be gainfully employed in the field but also to gain additional experience; he plans to return to take the CompTIA 902 exam to gain the full certification. Reza has also offered to hold peer reviews to help other participants successful pass their exam, and in an open forum at our 5th Anniversary celebration he extended his gratitude to the Urban Tech Jobs Program team for their support. Now that Reza is employed, he has plans to work with his financial coach to reduce debt and improve his credit score.