Urban League of Nebraska's 'immeasurable' Impact 

Tyrone Marshall's 'immeasurable' impact on north Omaha kids starts with the little things

By Erin Grace, World-Herald

Tyrone Marshall moves around the 3-point line like the second hand of a watch. Tick. Swoosh! Tick. Swoosh! Tick. Swoosh!

It’s a casual game of three-point for the handful of teenage boys playing with Marshall. For the Urban League’s director of education and youth development, though, it’s work.

Yes, Marshall is having fun as he gently pokes the competition with G-rated trash talk like “Finally!” to the boy who makes a basket.

Mostly, he’s on the court to check in. It’s part of a job keeping African-American youths on track, a vocation that is 24/7 for someone like Marshall, who is never, it seems, not working.

Sometimes this means social work, as Marshall, a familiar face around the Douglas County Courthouse, works with youths who have run afoul of the law.

Sometimes this means college counseling, as Marshall helps high achievers get into college and plan their post-high school lives.


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