The Houston Area Urban League Benefits from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program

Mr. Judson Robinson, President & CEO of the Houston Area Urban League (HAUL), participated in the 2014 Cohort at Houston Community College. HAUL serves as one of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses recruitment partners and Judson felt it was important for him to be specifically familiar with the initiative and understand the program at a granular level in engaging clients. In addition, he understood the value of the training and that it would benefit the Houston affiliate from an operational standpoint as he implemented business efficiencies in administrative functions and program service delivery.  

Judson shared that the benefits of the program, before, during, and after were very valuable. Some of those were- the initial diagnostic tool to help reveal current business health; learning from one another, sharing ideas, hearing each other's challenges and the opportunity to stay connected to the program. He said, “Networking with your cohort and making new friends while watching the business plans we all worked on come to life was exciting! Knowing you have your network and the GS10KSB infrastructure for problem solving and feedback through ongoing monitoring helps ensure your plan can become your reality.”

Mr. Robinson correlates the business plan development component of the program with his success at HAUL. “Developing and presenting a written business development and growth plan that was vetted and well thought out that you could present to a bank or investor was priceless. We live the plan to this day and have shared it with our national office that ranked our Affiliate with its highest categorical recognition, thanks in part to the GS10KSB program.”