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Haysbert Center Client Awarded the Prestigious Warnock Fellowship

Erica Myers, Executive Director/CEO of Fosterpreneur, has been a client of the Raymond V. Haysbert Sr., Center for Entrepreneurship (Haysbert Center) since its inception in 2016. Since becoming a client, the Haysbert Center has helped Fosterpreneur cultivate a dream into a fully operational non-profit. Its’ mission is to inspire and equip foster care youth with mindset development and coaching to launch businesses and become successful entrepreneurs.

Erica hosted her first cohort at the Haysbert Center in February 2017 with 18 members. The Haysbert Center assisted in creating the Entrepreneurial Curriculum, trademarking the unique name of her business and continue to assist her in applying for grants to fund her mission. 

Ms. Myers was recently chosen as one of 18 for the Spring 2018 Social Innovation Fellowship with the Warnock Foundation. The Warnock Foundation Social Innovation (WFSI) Fellowship provides Baltimoreans with the opportunity to implement their ideas/innovation to make Baltimore a vibrant city to live, learn and grow. The WFSI fellowship provides meaningful professional development, mentorship, and sponsorship to twelve Baltimore leaders/innovators twice a year. The overarching goal is to utilize the talent that already exists in Baltimore to grow and guide them to creating innovations that will impact their community and city.

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