Google Grant Helps Urban League Address Achievement Gap For African Americans

This summer the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle will be bringing back Summer University, thanks to new funding from Google. The program enhances the Urban League’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) curriculum and supports high school students with additional barriers to graduation.

As a unique summer program, Summer University helps address the achievement gap for African American students. According to Seattle Public Schools, in 2011, only 58 percent of African Americans graduated from high school, and 25 percent drop out annually. Summer University helps address a critical time for the high school age group, since these students are often too young to work summer jobs, and too old for traditional summer camp, making Summer University a valuable complement to school-year STEAM programs.

“We truly believe that the way to create equity for our kids is to provide them with the same opportunities as their counterparts that have easier access to influences in science, technology, engineering, art, and math,” said Pamela Banks, President and CEO of the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle. “Therefore, we are excited to partner with Google, Seattle Central College, the City of Seattle, the Breakfast Group and other partners and volunteers to bring the excitement and access directly to our kids of color this summer.”

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Source: The Seattle Medium