Enterprise Community Loan Fund


What is the Enterprise Community Loan Fund at the National Urban League (ECLF-NUL)?

ECLF-NUL is a co-branded effort by the National Urban League and the Enterprise Community Loan Fund to market short term loans that help community developers serving our nation’s low income areas.  Loans may be used for predevelopment, acquisition, construction/renovation and bridge financing, to preserve multifamily housing, for-sale single family housing and special purpose housing as well as community facility and mixed use development.

Eligible community developers may include;

  • Urban League affiliates
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Limited partnerships and single asset entities controlled by a nonprofit
  • Mission-aligned entities such as housing authorities and some for profit developers

For details about eligibility, please visit http://www.nulloans.org/
Where can I find ECLF-NUL?

Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chicago, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington DC 
Pacific Northwest, Gulf Coast 
Ohio and New York

How big are the loans?
The maximum loan is $3 million.  For details about loan terms, please visit http://www.nulloans.org/ .
Who sponsors the program?
Enterprise Community Loan Fund
How can I get help?
Click here for an origination form.  An ECLF-NUL representative will contact you either to ask questions or to confirm that your application is complete and has been forwarded to Enterprise.  Subsequent communication will come from Enterprise.

How can I help?
If you know a community developer who would benefit from a loan, please click here for a referral form.  

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