U.S. Treasury Launches myRA

Millions of Americans are not saving for retirement, including many in the African American community. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 48 percent of African American workers do not work for an employer that sponsors a pension or retirement plan. The U.S.


The Continued Drive Towards a Deeper Recovery

By Guest Blogger David C. Van Leeuwen, Esq.

National Urban League and Wells Fargo Present: Hands on Banking®

Do you want to become an expert on managing your money?

Do you struggle from week to week and wonder how you’ll ever be prepared for retirement?

Are your bills too high and income too low?

Do you have goals like a vacation, buying a home or even investing but don’t know how to get started?

Chances are you could use more tools to help you reach those goals.

The Resounding Resiliency of Grandfamilies

A recent report profiles the financial lives of low and moderate-income grandfamilies to deepen the understanding of their financial situations and help open a discussion about how organizations that offer social or financial services to grandfamily caregivers can help build financial stability and increase mobility for these multi-generational families.

African American Homeownership: Let’s Talk About It!

By Guest Blogger Audrey Washington, CEO – Washington Consulting Group

New York Times: How Segregation Destroys Black Wealth

Americans commonly — and mistakenly — believe that well-to-do black people no longer face the kind of discrimination that prevents them from living anywhere they can afford.


American Banker: Branch Closings Could Increase Exposure to Discrimination Claims

Banks are closing branches and relying more heavily on technology to serve customers. Concerns that online and mobile banking don't reach all customers could leave banks open to allegations of discrimination.

The concern among some industry observers is that low- to moderate-income groups, particularly minorities, potentially lack an appropriate level of access to online and mobile banking products. Whether technology is a sufficient substitute for a brick-and-mortar offices is a complicated issue that evokes passionate responses.

Your Child is a College Graduate, but Do They Have Money Smarts?

Anna Cuevas is the National Urban League's new Consumer Advocate, as part of our 2015 Financial Empowerment series. Learn more about Anna here. Read more »


When It Comes to Credit, Money and Homeownership, Start Young to Lay a Proper Foundation

Anna Cuevas is the National Urban League's new Consumer Advocate, as part of our 2015 Financial Empowerment series. Learn more about Anna here.
  Read more »


I pledge to responsibly commit my time and talent to ensure that the nation is empowered to achieve the following goals by 2025:



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