The Urban League of Palm Beach County Helped Reduce my Mortgage by $350/month!

The Urban League of Palm Beach County Helped Reduce my Mortgage by $350/month!

Mrs. Gina Remy is a married African-American woman with one child. Unfortunately, after an increased loan payment and a reduction in income, she began struggling to stay current. Read more »


How the Buffalo Urban League helped the Jones' buy a home

The Buffalo Urban League helped us get $3,000 to buy a home!


From the Shelter to Self-Sufficiency

“The Urban League rescued me and gave me hope, stability, and confidence that I can attain any goal that I set. The FEC program has allowed me to feel more confident in my abilities to live a self-sufficient life and not depend on others.”
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Bernard’s Rainy Day — from Foreclosure to Flourishing

Bernard S. was living the good life in Orlando when the unexpected occurred. His wife lost her job, which made it difficult to keep up with their $900 monthly mortgage payments. Even though they were able to eventually receive disability income, there was a 3 month period during which she had no income and fell behind.

Chicago Urban League Coaches Tamika to Her Financial Goals

Tamika W. was an Administrative Assistant for 10 years before losing her job. As an unemployed single mother she was unable to pay her bills, and within a few months Tamika and her son found themselves living in her car.

Mortgage Debt Forgiven Thanks to the Buffalo Urban League

$40,000 in Mortgage Debt Forgiven,
Thanks to the Buffalo Urban League!

When Melissa D. came to the Buffalo Urban League for help saving her home, she was at her wit’s end. She had been laid off from her job and was working part-time at a cleaning service to make ends meet. Her income took a hit, and she started missing mortgage payments. She knew she would lose her home if she did not settle things with her lender. Read more »


The Urban League of Greater Atlanta Saves a Home

Have you ever fallen behind on a bill?
The Griffins were two months behind on their mortgage payments when they came to the Urban League of Greater Atlanta (ULGA) in August 2015. Their mortgage payment was over 50% of their income, and they needed help in making ends meet.

The Louisville Urban League Helps Mr. Belton to Homeownership

From No Credit to Homeownership: How the Louisville Urban League Helped!

In 2014, Mr. Byron Belton was living in Louisville, Kentucky with a big dream: buying a home of his own. At the time he had no credit, lived off of Social Security benefits, and was behind on several accounts that don’t appear on a credit report. He was also living with a friend in public housing, but he didn’t let these obstacles get in his way.

How Anti-Growth Sentiment Thwarts Equality

How Anti-Growth Sentiment, Reflected in Zoning Laws, Thwarts Equality

NY TIMES - BOULDER, Colo. — The small city of Boulder, home to the University of Colorado’s flagship campus, has a booming local economy and a pleasantly compact downtown with mountain views. Not surprisingly, a lot of people want to move here.

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