Urban League and Carolina Premier Bank Launch New Innovative Bank for the Underserved
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Published: Fri. Jun 22, 2012 at 10:50 am | Updated: Fri. Jun 22, 2012 at 10:50 am | Comments: 0

Urban League and Carolina Premier Bank Launch New Innovative Bank for the UnderservedThe Bank of the Urban League of Central Carolinas (Charlotte, NC), A Division of Carolina Premier Bank, will open this summer at the Urban League of Central Carolinas’ headquarters to serve individuals and businesses traditionally left out of mainstream banking. 

“This FDIC approved initiative to serve communities in desperate need of financial stability, education, and an avenue into our banking industry is a win for our entire region,” says Dr. Patrick Graham, President/CEO of the Urban League.  “Customers will be able to open accounts regardless of credit and receive financial coaches with an electronic banking product that is the most affordable in our community.”
The Bank of the Urban League of Central Carolina’s branch will officially open its doors this summer.  Customers will experience green technology, access to the internet to manage accounts, and perform other tasks.  The Bank’s services will include electronic banking, financial coaching, quarterly budget and financial reviews, savings accounts, small business loans, and first time home buyer programs.  Along with the aforementioned services, free on-site internet kiosks, ATM, and Bank representation will be available during business hours.
"We looked at this opportunity as a way to create more economically stable communities,” says John Kreighbaum, Chief Executive Officer of Carolina Premier Bank.  “Our collaboration is designed teach the un-banked how to manage bank accounts in hopes the customer will graduate to more sophisticated banking relationships such as savings, investments and loans on cars, homes and small businesses.”
The new bank comes at a low cost with a monthly fee for a basic account of only $3.00, which includes all services and financial literacy.  “I am extremely proud of this accomplishment for our community,” says Dr. Graham.  “So many people will have brighter financial futures because of it.”
For more information about the Urban League of Central Carolinas, visit www.urbanleaguecc.org

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