100 military families to receive homes
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Published: Tue. Feb 21, 2012 at 1:25 pm | Updated: Tue. Feb 21, 2012 at 1:27 pm | Comments: 0

Navy Times: 100 military families to receive homes

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At least 100 military families will receive homes this year under a partnership between JPMorgan Chase and the nonprofit group Operation Homefront.

Priority consideration under the “Homes on the Homefront” program goes to families currently living at an Operation Homefront Village of transitional housing for wounded warrior families. Other wounded warriors, surviving single spouses of those killed in action, and post-9/11 disabled veterans also will receive priority consideration. But any veteran of any era, regardless of wounded or disability status, is eligible.

Applicants must be on active duty, in the National Guard or reserves, or honorably discharged; must not currently own a home; and must be financially capable of sustaining a home. Operation Homefront will help families with any resources or services they need until the properties are deeded to them.

Chase and Operation Homefront will match families with homes that are in the bank’s inventory. The bank has homes all over the country, said Operation Homefront President and CEO Jim Knotts. This is part of Chase’s commitment, announced last year, to donate 1,000 homes to service members and veterans over a five-year period.

Operation Homefront also is seeking donations from other companies to fully furnish the homes.

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