National Urban League Policy Institute

The work done in the NULPI Research department equips users to become well-informed about the economic, educational, health
and social justice issues facing African-Americans. The data analysis performed by the NULPI Research department is accurate,
up to date and reliable. The research done by NULPI offers interpretations of economic and social conditions in this country from a perspective not often given by mainstream outlets.

Located in the Nation’s Capital, the Policy Institute is the research, policy and advocacy arm of NUL. The Institute builds on the League’s history of excellence in research, its prominence as an advocate and its record as a leading and respected voice on issues of importance to the African-American community. Dedicated to the pursuit of economic self-reliance and equal opportunity for African-Americans, the Policy Institute’s work focuses on NUL’S five point empowerment agenda. These issues include education and youth development, health and quality of life, civil rights and racial justice and civic engagement.

The Institute’s rigorous research and principled policy analysis provide a solid foundation from which to advocate on behalf of African Americans and urban communities. Through interactions with Members of Congress and the Executive Branch, creation of public forums, development of influential coalitions, and publication of groundbreaking policy analysis and research studies, the Institute fosters dialogue about and raises the profile of NUL’S initiatives and priorities in Washington and beyond. In addition, the Institute’s work supports and empowers the Urban League affiliates’ advocacy at the national level and in their local communities, further advancing NUL’S Empowerment Agenda.

NUL is a founding member of the Census Department’s Census Information Center (CIC) program, which seeks to expand access to Census information to undeserved communities. The National Urban League is partner with the Census Bureau to ensure the 2010 Census is as accurate as possible.

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