National Urban League Centennial Quiz

NUL Centennial Quiz

Founded in 1910, the Urban League has a rich past full of monumental moments in Black History. Take this quiz to see how much you really know about NUL!

Which two individuals are credited with founding the Urban League?

In which city was the Urban League incorporated?

Which affiliate is the newest to be incorporated?

What state has the most affiliates?

Which Urban League President was not a lawyer?

Which is not an Urban League program or Affinity Group?

How many people does the Urban League Movement serve annually?

Which of the following Urban League programs or ideas was instituted in the past 6 years?

Which Urban League President is credited for saying: “We must be the hope of the hopeless and the voice of the voiceless”

Which institute is the Urban League credited with helping to start?

When did the Urban League move to its current 120 Wall Street headquarters?

In what year was the Urban League founded?

In what year did the Urban League purchase its first headquarters?

Urban League president, Marc H. Morial, is the former mayor of what city?

What type of organization is the Urban League?